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2015 the JC Canteen Manager is Jody Whichelo. The canteen operates Tuesday -Friday. The menu will be a seasonal menu providing choices of cooler foods in Summer/Autumn (Term 1 and 4) and warmer foods in Winter/Spring (Term 2 and 3).  Feel free to provide suggestions for the menu and ideas for undertaking special lunches (ie 1 day per term special lunch is offered instead of the normal menu). In most cases these will be home made.


The chaplaincy program at Wanniassa School is supported by Scripture Union ACT. The chaplaincy position augments the care that is provided by the schools pastoral care team and teaching staff.
The chaplain works with individuals or small groups and is available to provide pastoral care, general religious advice, personal advice, comfort or support to any member of the school community. Our Chaplain also runs a LINK room at lunchtime where a small group of students is offered an alternative to playground games. Friday morning Breakfast Club is also very popular.

Class Placements

The school is divided into five units. Children are grouped into classes within two or three teacher units. However, classes are organised in a traditional way in that each teacher is responsible for the education and pastoral care of a class group.
Children are placed in units according to age and individual need. Multigrade units allow greater flexibility for children and ensure that they can progress at their own individual rate.
It is important that parents and children understand that students do not go into a new unit every year. Class groups are formed to achieve the most effective learning situation for each child.

Communication with Parents

Staff welcome the opportunity to meet with parents. This occurs formally and informally through: the newsletter, telephone, notes, letters, parent/teacher evenings, oral and written reports. For further information, please contact the school office.

Contact Information

Contact numbers and addresses need to be kept up to date with the school office. (Children can be distressed unnecessarily when sickness or illness occurs and the contact number is out of date).


Our school counsellor is able to support students at our school two days of every week.  He is available to assist students, parents and teachers with issues that can affect students’ educational progress and adjustment. These issues include learning difficulties, student management, social skills, family relationships, grief and loss, personal development, conflict resolution and special education services. School counsellors work in a number of ways. They conduct psycho-educational assessments, individual and group counselling, run sessions with students on topics such as social skills and conflict resolution, collaborate with government and non-government agencies, conduct professional learning for school staff and parent education and discussion groups. Teachers are encouraged to talk over any concerns that they may have about a student directly with the school counsellor. School counsellors are also available to talk directly with parents about any concerns they may have about their children.

Cross Campus Programs

Our students have unique opportunities to access senior campus resources, facilities and specialist teachers, normally not available in other primary schools.
• Sports coaching is also undertaken by our older students as part of their leadership in the senior campus Advanced Sports Program (ASP).  This ensures training and skill development for our junior campus students are maximised as well as providing valuable leadership practice for more senior students.
• Peer Mentoring Programs. A range of peer mentoring programs in literacy operate across both campuses.