A-Z Parent Information

A-Z Information


Lateness to school

If students are late on a regular basis without legitimate reason, contact will be made with parents and follow up procedures put into place to monitor future arrival times. Children arriving after 9.00am from yr 4-6 are required to complete a late note at the Front Office for record keeping purposes.

Learning Support and Enrichment

Students in need of extra support in literacy and numeracy have the availability of a learning assistance teacher. Small group and individual assistance is available based on teacher assessment and referral. A variety of programs are available to students to enrich their school experiences.

Leaving the School Premises

No child is allowed to leave the school grounds during the day without written permission from a parent.
In the interests of safety we seek the co-operation of all parents to let us know of children who are obviously out of school without permission. It is better to be over cautious than to fail to report to us, as a child's safety may be at stake.


The Library Resource Centre at the Junior Campus is a bright, friendly and relaxing place that is extremely well-resourced for students and teachers. A large collection of non-fiction books complements our curriculum, and our 6400 fiction books cater for all reading levels, from early pre-school/beginning readers up to teen/advanced readers. There is a strong emphasis on quality literature, to promote reading for enjoyment and improving literacy skills. Our school community has 24 hour online access to hundreds of ebooks through our Library catalogue.  Children access the Library regularly to browse and borrow books to enjoy at home and at school and families are also encouraged to borrow. Each student has at least one formal Resource Centre session per week, often with both the classroom teacher and teacher librarian in a team-teacher situation. Library lessons foster and promote a love of reading and on developing an understanding of research, library skills and text conventions. Lessons relate back to classroom work, with an information literacy focus. Information Technology is also incorporated into these lessons, as our IT laboratory is part of our Resource Centre. This means there are normally 2 classes at a time utilising the Library. Included in the Library is an area, where specialist reading and Learning Assistance teachers takes individuals or small groups for activities and lessons. Wanniassa Pre-School children also benefit from visiting our library once a week. They enjoy sharing a story and reading in our reading cave and cushion corner, sometimes buddying up with one of our older classes. Our school enjoys a number of special book and reading events and celebrations throughout the year including author visits, productions, Book Week, special theme activities and an annual Book Fair. Children and parents are welcome to use the library and lab during all class times, as well as being open three mornings before school (8.40-9.00am), at lunchtimes (1.10-1.30pm) and immediately after school (3.00-3.15pm). With our games, jigsaws, cushions, displays, books and computers, it makes a very popular place at our school!

Lost Property

Your child's name should be marked clearly on all personal belongings, particularly clothing. Unclaimed belongings are kept in a lost property clothing cupboard and may be checked at any time.
At the end of each term all lost property is displayed for collection. Unclaimed items may be donated to a charitable organisation after this time.