A-Z Parent Information

A-Z Information


Parent Helpers

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education. This can take the form of listening to students read, participating in craft activities, providing transport and help during excursions, assisting in sport activities, including the coaching and management of school sporting teams, and belonging to the P&C. Parent training is provided in literacy and assistance in other areas as required. For further information, please contact the school office.

Parent Interviews

Close and effective two-way communication between the school and the home is vital to the educational process. Parents are asked to make an appointment for any discussion with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Counsellor or teachers. An appointment will be arranged at the earliest possible time and attention will be given immediately to urgent issues. Parents are always welcome to visit the school.

Parent Link

The KidsMatter resource materials provide school staff with detailed information regarding children’s social and emotional needs and practical suggestions for supporting children’s development and mental health. As part of this program we have opened our ‘Parent link’ room where parents are able to browse through resources or meet to discuss any issues face them or their children.
Inside the Parent’s Link you will find a wide variety of resources suitable for parents/carers/grandparents and for anyone working with children. These resources range from brochures to booklets covering topics such as child development, dealing with family struggles, working with teens, single parenting, anxiety, playgroups etc. There are comfy lounges and tea and coffee facilities, a kid’s toy area, book swap for adults, a parent community notice board and much more.

Parents and the Community

Education is a partnership between parents and teachers, and the Parents and the Community (P&C) Association is a vehicle for developing this partnership.  The P&C offers a forum in which parents can discuss and provide feedback on school programs, issues and activities or raise any concerns with other parents or the Principal.
The Wanniassa School P&C runs the school canteens, raises funds for projects that parents are keen to promote and manages the Library Trust Fund which is a tax deductible fund designed for the purchase of library equipment.  In addition the P&C provides access to affordable uniforms via the second hand clothing pool.
The Wanniassa School P&C meetings are held monthly during the school term and are open to all members of the community.  All parents and carers are encouraged to attend meetings and share in discussions.  The P&C appoints a representative to the ACT Council of P&Cs and provides the mechanism for the election of parent representatives to the School Board.
If you would like to contact the P&C, please provide your contact details to the front office of the Junior Campus.

Parking at School

For any parents new to the school and to all existing car travelers, our car parking arrangements are as follows.  There is a set down/pick up section which is for very short term use only.  Please don’t leave your car unattended while parked here.  Buses regularly require this space and if parents have parked there it becomes a major safety issue and logistical nightmare.
In the afternoon, please DO NOT park at the end of the pathway entrance, where there is yellow paint marking on the kerb, as this is designated for After School Care to collect children.  Parking is available on the kerb closest to the school but not on the opposite side of Sternberg Crescent.  This is noted with parking signs.  An overflow carpark is also available which is located adjacent to the school near the ovals. We ask that you maintain a very slow speed when driving through the car park.