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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of two students from each class who are elected into the position to represent their class at meetings. The SRC is involved in fundraising for the school and the wider community as well as representing the school at various school events.


The student body is divided into four “house” teams, which are used for major sporting carnivals and for promoting academic, social effort and aptitude.  Our houses are named after well-known local geographical features: Tennent (Red), Gingera (Blue) Namadgi (Green) and Billy Billy (Yellow).
 A variety of sports are offered at different times during the year.  Teachers and volunteer parents lead these sports.  Where possible the involvement of community sporting agencies and groups is also sought to assist in training and skill development.
The school provides an outdoor education program for students in the upper primary (years 4-6).  This includes school camps and day excursions.  Students from years K-3 can take advantage of a comprehensive swimming tuition program and gross motor program.

Sun Smart Policy

Wanniassa School follows the Sun Protection Policy Guidelines for ACT Schools, “No Hat-No Play”. A key requirement of the Sun Protection Policy is for students to wear hats which protect the face, neck and ears whenever the students are outside. Students without suitable hats are not permitted to play outside at recess and lunchtime. Parents are requested to buy a school hat from the clothing pool (or the school office) and also provide a sun protection factor (SPF) 15 plus water resistant sunscreen. The school has provided additional outdoor seating and tree planting as measures to support the policy.



Supervision is provided during the following times – before school – 8:45am - 9:00am and after school 3:00pm - 3:15pm.  Unless children have parental supervision, they are requested to arrive at school no earlier than 8.45am.
In terms of after school supervision it is important that all children have left the school premises by 3.15pm.  After this time it is difficult to ensure appropriate supervision as teachers are required to attend regular meetings after school.  If parents are running late please inform the front office so that your child does not become distressed.

Sustainable Schools

Wanniassa School is part of the Australian Schools Sustainable Schools Program. The Sustainable Schools program is an exciting and innovative program that not only educates and promotes responsible sustainable practice, it also challenges students and provides them with the opportunity to take on leadership roles and make a real difference in our school community.
At Wanniassa we are currently accredited in the Waste and Water watch elements of the program. This includes an effective waste and paper recycling program in partnership with our worm farming.  Current programs include energy and bio-diversity. New programs currently being introduced include solar electricity and how it affects our lives and building our own vegetable garden.
Waste Wise News- Since we began in 2008 we have increased awareness throughout the school of the importance of recycling. Our paper recycling has increased to include cardboard, we have introduced plastics and foil recycling, reduced significantly our landfill rubbish and now recycle fruit for our worms. Our school has reduced its annual waste costs from $5 031 to $1 236 a year. This is a savings of $3 796 a year in waste disposal costs. We have definitely reduced our garbage.
Water Wise News - We are pleased to say that our yearly water consumption over the last few years has gone from nearly 5000kl in 2008 to just under 1000kl in 2011. Wow what a great job we are doing! We have also had a number of water tanks added that service the toilets. This has made a huge difference in reducing our water consumption.