Classroom Information

The Junior Campus K-6 classroom areas are divided into six coloured units.

Red Unit has two Kindergarten classes.

Read the term 4 Red Unit outline PDF

Photograph of child using fine motor skillsPhotograph: Children using shapesPhotograph: Student art work

Green Unit has two year 3 classes.

Read the term 4 Green Unit outline PDF

Photograph: Blue Unit students in home cornerPhotograph: Literacy wallPhotograph: Blue Unit students doing craft

Blue Unit has three year 1/2 classes.

Read the term 4 Blue Unit outline PDF

Photograph: Green Unit student working alonePhotograph: Green Unit jigsaw displayPhotograph: Green unit student working on maths

Orange Unit has one year 5 class and Japanese.

Read the term 4 Orange Unit outline PDF

Photograph: Orange Unit displayPhotograph: Orange Unit classPhotograph: Orange Unit artwork

Yellow Unit has two year 4 classes.

Read the term 4 Yellow Unit outline PDF

Purple Unit has one year 6 class.

Read the term 4 Purple Unit outline PDF

Photograph: Yellow Unit students workingPhotograph: Yellow Unit student readingPhotograph: Yellow Unit students choosing books