Vision Purpose and Values


Wanniassa School seeks to ensure that all young people develop the skills for making sense of the world and their place in it. Our school believes that rigorous, connected and relevant education builds the foundation for life-long learning and provides a context in which young people can flourish.

We seek to support our young people to be able to make informed, optimistic and responsible choices about their roles and responsibilities as citizens of a local, national and global community.


Teaching and Learning

We are committed to excellent classroom practices based on quality teaching and learning to continually improve student outcomes.

Leading and Managing

We are committed to effective communication, collaboration, continual reflection and improvement and modelling of best practice.

Student Environment

We are committed to providing students with a positive and respectful environment which focuses on high expectations for success and which builds resilience and future-mindedness.

Community Involvement

We are committed to developing successful future pathways for every young person in partnerships with families, business and the community and to celebrating these achievements.

Photograph: Koori Preschool Display board with flagsPhotograph: Students using iPadPhotograph: Senior Campus garden


 Hard Work
Taking charge of our own actions and caring about what is important
Being aware of other people, their property and their learning
Always trying our best and being involved in learning


I am always quiet when someone else is talking
I take responsibility for my own learning and behaviour
I ask questions when I don't understand
I am honest
I treat others the way I want to be treated
I respect all students and teachers
I don't talk about people behind their back
I listen carefully when others speak
 I care about people, their property and learning
I accept everyone for who they are
I am nice to people
I try my best
I try hard in all my classes
I participate in all group activities
I meet my deadlines
I have a positive attitude towards work

We build life-long learners by developing:

· Literacy and numeracy skills
· Critical thinking skills
· Deep understanding
· Creativity
· Intellectual engagement
· Research skills
· Problem-solving skills
· Resilience
· Reflective learning skills
· Enterprise
· Communication and performance skills

We prepare students to be resilient, active, informed and responsible citizens by:

· Encouraging inclusivity
· Promoting a healthy lifestyle
· Modelling positive behaviours
· Valuing cooperative learning
· Developing understanding of the complexity of our diverse Australian society
· Promoting respectful relationships and productive means of resolving conflict
· Providing opportunities for leadership and participation in school decision-making 

Photograph: Senior Campus Drop in centrePhotograph: Artwork displayPhotograph: Student doing Literacy work with a dictionary