Vision Purpose and Values


Create a school in which the students, teachers, families, work together in a positive, child-centred environment, in order to promote excellence, and to guide students towards optimal personal, academic, social, emotional and physical development.


Wanniassa School will provide all students with a personalised education in a safe and friendly environment with high expectations for success in learning.

Photograph: Koori Preschool Display board with flagsPhotograph: Students using iPadPhotograph: Senior Campus garden


Responsibility RespectResilience
Taking charge of our own actions and caring about what is importantBeing aware of other people, their property and their learningAlways trying our best and being involved in learning

Looks like:

Looks like:

Looks like:

I am always quiet when someone else is talking
I take responsibility for my own learning and behaviour
I ask questions when I don't understand
I am honest
I treat others the way I want to be treated
I respect all students and teachers
I don't talk about people behind their back
I listen carefully when others speak
I care about people, their property and learning
I accept everyone for who they are
I am nice to people
I try my best
I try hard in all my classes
I participate in all group activities
I meet my deadlines
I have a positive attitude towards work

Photograph: Senior Campus Drop in centrePhotograph: Artwork displayPhotograph: Student doing Literacy work with a dictionary