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Walking and Riding to School

The Physical Activity Foundation, in conjunction with Wanniassa School, has created a school map highlighting walking and cycling routes to our school. The map also includes other details including underpasses, zebra crossings, bus stops, drop-off points and a number of other important details.

Map of routes to walk or ride to Wanniassa School

Work Experience & Careers Education

Wanniassa School provides numerous opportunities for students to pursue vocational interests and kick start their careers.  Work experience is available to any student over the age of 14 years, with every year ten student participating in a five day placement as part of their school certificate program.  Interested students who have a clear direction about their future can also apply to undertake a school based apprenticeship in their chosen field once they are 15 years old.  We have recently partnered with Erindale College to offer hospitality in year ten as a VET course – meaning students who complete this unit receive a certificate of attainment in hospitality.
We continually engage external organisations to offer students opportunities beyond the capabilities of the school.  Each year in semester two, CIT runs a range of short ‘taster’ courses for students in years nine and ten and we are always well represented in these, as well as attendance at the annual CIT try-a-trade days.  Students are supported to apply for BISEPS (The Building Industry School Enhancement Program) which is run by the Master Builders Association, for year 10 students who would like to pursue a career in the building industry.  We also partner with cluster schools to participate in careers taster days.
An important component of our careers education program is ensuring a smooth transition for year ten students into college, further training or work.  To this end students in years nine and ten work through the pathways process, where they spend time thinking about their interests, passions and strengths and planning for their life after high school. 

Working with Vulnerable People

All volunteers and other visitors to schools, unless they meet exemption criteria, are required to hold an appropriate Working With Vulnerable People registration with the Office of Regulatory Service to engage in activities involving contact with children.
Volunteers who regularly work with children in classrooms and other school activities will need to be registered.
Parents and members of the community make a valuable contribution in a diversity of roles. Wanniassa School looks forward to your continued support in whatever capacity you choose. For more information and to download application/registration forms please visit www.ors.act.gov.au/community/working_with_vulnerable_people

What the Working With Vulnerable People Act means for parents who volunteer at school
Since the introduction of the Working With Vulnerable People Act, some parents and members of the Wanniassa School community have been expressing uncertainty about the need for volunteers to register with the Office of Regulatory Services to provide volunteer services to the school.

Volunteers who regularly work with children in classrooms or regularly make contact with children during other school activities will need to be registered. If you are unsure whether you need to be registered, please contact Karin Nagorcka.

Some volunteers may choose not to register but to continue supporting the school by reducing the number of days on which they work so as to avoid exceeding statutory limits. There may also be opportunities for volunteers to participate in forms of work which are not considered education activities or involve contact with children and do not require volunteers to be registered.
Where this is not possible, it may be necessary to apply for a Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) card. There is no cost for volunteers.

The new Working With Vulnerable People scheme has meant that all volunteers, new and continuing, will need to complete a new School Volunteer Nomination Form and to sign in each day they work at Wanniassa School.

We are strengthening protection for children, but we depend on our volunteers in a variety of ways and look forward to your continued support in whatever capacity you choose.