Big Picture

A Big Picture program is currently offered to interested students in Years 9 and 10.  Students who choose this pathway have the opportunity to design their learning around their areas of interest, using the Big Picture Education Australia design principles.  This program is open to all students and meets the Year 10 Certificate requirements.

This design incorporates the following:

· Students spend their four core lines in the Big Picture group, known as their Advisory Group, with their Advisory Group teacher/s.  In this group they learn individually and together, whilst also growing socially and emotionally in real contexts - 'one student at a time, in a community of learners'.

· Students design and complete four individual learning plans in a year, incorporating the Big Picture Learning Goals Empirical Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Communication, Social Reasoning and Personal Qualities, with the close individual involvement of their AG teacher/s.

Logo: Big Picture Program

· As part of their work students undertake learning in the real world, as the Big Picture design emphasizes that learning does not just happen in schools.  This is known as an LTI - Learning through Internship.  This can range from visits and shadow days to 1 or 2-day a week placements with a mentor. Students also incorporate Service Learning into their learning plans.

· At the end of each learning plan students provide evidence of their learning through authentic assessment. They present this evidence to a group comprising their peers, teachers, parents and workplace mentor.  This is known as an exhibition.

· Parents are very closely involved in their student's learning, contributing to learning plans and attending exhibitions, as well as parent suppers and information evenings, and are often instrumental in helping to build community connections and workplace opportunities.

For more information on the Big Picture education design principles, and videos of Wanniassa students undertaking LTIs, visit the website