Student Pathways

Through this program students are supported to plan their potential pathway through school and beyond, to further study, training and/or work. All senior students develop their own Pathways Plan during Years 9 and 10. Students are guided in moving from learning about themselves and how they learn, through looking at work-related skills and key competencies to developing short and long term goals.

Students investigate the range of future options available beyond school and relate this knowledge to their personal strengths and interests. At the end of Year 10 students make a formal presentation of their Pathways folders and discuss their learning at a Roundtable. This forms an important and integral part of our Year 10 Graduation process.

The Student Pathways Program is gradually being extended to the younger years.

Student Exhibitions Program Year 9

In Year 9 students  undertake a learning project called an Exhibition. This encompasses key curriculum areas and is linked to a theme. Each year a theme is chosen that has a direct relation to students' lives and the students are required to undertake research that goes beyond the classroom. Where possible we provide students with the opportunity to influence an audience outside their school environment.

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Students present their exhibition projects and their reflective journals demonstrating their learning to a Roundtable panel comprising parents or friends, teachers and other students, as well as community members.  This project is closely linked with the Student Pathways Program.

Work Experience and Vocational Opportunities Years 9 And 10

The Senior School program is designed to be flexible to allow students to pursue vocational opportunities while still at school. As part of their Pathways Planning students are encouraged  to explore different opportunities and all Year 10 students undertake a week of Work Experience during Term 3.

These vocational opportunities allow our students to investigate in a real way the options available to them. They allow students to combine education at school with learning and experience in the world of work. This helps demonstrate to students the relevance of their school educational program.

Interested Year 10 students are supported to pursue new apprenticeships (ASBAs- Australian School Based Apprenticeships) where appropriate and Year 9 students are supported in on-going work experience placements. Students also have access via interview to BISEPS (The Building Industry School Enhancement Program). This program is run by the Master Builders Association to support students who would like to pursue a career in the building industry.

Year 10 students are also able to participate in CIT Central Courses where they spend one day per week attending CIT. These vary from hairdressing to automotive and plumbing studies.

Transition from Year 10

Our students are thoroughly supported in moving to the next stage after Year 10, be it further study or the world of work. Transition to college is supported through assistance with enrolment, orientation visits, partial enrolment in college courses before Year 11 where appropriate and close communication with student welfare college teachers.

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