Teaching and Learning

On the Senior Campus students undertake courses of study as outlined below, studying the core curriculum areas of English, History/Geography, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education and Science and a range of electives. We are currently aligning our academic program with the Australian Curriculum.

A variety of learning technologies is used to support student learning including interactive whiteboards, iPads, digital media, online learning programs and fully networked computer laboratories with wireless access.

Student progress is shared with parents in a range of ways - interim reports (end of each term), descriptive reports (end of each semester), Parent/Teacher interviews and through exhibition. Year 7 students also begin the year with a three-way meeting with their PTG (Pathway Tutor Group) teacher and parents to set goals for their secondary schooling and establish a strong connection with home.

Assignments and Assessments

Assignment and assessment criteria are explained to and negotiated with students prior to commencing major tasks. This ensures that students are aware of the learning outcomes, expectations and areas of focus. Explicit work examples are used to show students what quality work looks like.  Feedback gives students clear guidelines about areas of strength and areas needing further development, and peer feedback is encouraged.

Year 9 and 10 assessment tasks are aligned with college practice to facilitate a smooth transition from high school to college.  Teachers participate in college moderation sessions to ensure standards are consistent with college expectations and students are explicitly taught the skills of essay writing, oral presentation, creative responses with rationales, prepared in-class written responses and AST style assessment required at college level.

Photograph:renovated Senior Campus Science LabPhotograph: Senior Campus GymnasiumPhotograph: Senior Campus cafe tables

All students are encouraged to extend their learning by participating in excursions, school performances and academic competitions.

Student achievement is graded from A to E.

Curriculum Areas


History & Geography



Physical Education, Health & Sport