Physical Education, Health & Sports

The Physical Education curriculum emphasises the acquisition, development and application of individual and team-based skills. This emphasis ensures that students are provided with every opportunity to become effective participants in games and other activities.

Physical Education

In Years 7 and 8 students are introduced to the basic skills of throwing, catching, kicking, striking, running, jumping, dodging and dance. Students' skills are continually developed through learning specific sports techniques as well as games and team-building activities. The emphasis is always on fun and enjoyment for all participants.

In Year 9 students build on the skills they have developed. The focus remains on encouraging students to further develop their individual skills, whilst incorporating team skills and tactics into the curriculum. The Year 9 program consists of the following activities: fitness, racquet, football, individual and team sports.

In Year 10 students are offered a personalised program to cater for individual needs and interests. Students have the opportunity to elect into the following: Team Sports; Alternative Exercise; Boot Camp; Recreational Sport and Leisure Activities.


In the Health program, students develop strategies to assist them with managing all aspects of their development. This includes their mental, physical, spiritual, and social health and wellbeing. Students explore individual, family, and cultural values and attitudes to assist them in making informed and healthy lifestyle choices. All PE staff are trained in Mind Matters - incorporating mental health and wellbeing across the Health program.

The following units are explored in Health classes:

Year 7

'Me Myself and I'- understanding self and others, and key health concepts.

'Managing change' - change, puberty and growing up

Year 8

'Informed Choices' - the decision-making cycle, and marijuana, tobacco and alcohol information

'Relationships and Change' - friendship, puberty, equality

Year 9

'Illicit Drug Use' - choice and decision-making, effects of illicit drugs and first aid

'Sexual Education and Health'- safe sexual practices and positive relationships

Year 10

'Mental Health and Diversity' - mental health and wellbeing and community supports

'Party Safe' - party-safe behavior and legal issues


School Sport

Wanniassa School is proud of its sporting reputation and the level of participation of its students. Students represent the school in the following sports in ACT Southside Tournaments: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Cycling, Netball, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, Oz-tag, Squash, Swimming, Touch, Tennis and Volleyball.