The purpose of school at Wanniassa is for students to gain a well rounded education while also having friends and a social life. This is important to us in order to get a good job and to have skills for the future.

Preschool phone number: 61421855

Wanniassa Preschool Philosophy Statement

The  Wanniassa Preschool Philosophy is built upon our school’s vision and values and the principles and practises of the Early Years Learning Framework. We are committed to providing a personalised education in a safe, creative and nurturing environment.  We are Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient learners.

“All play means something.” Johan Huizinga

We believe that in Early Childhood Education we have the best opportunity to work in partnership with our families and community to maximise potential and to inspire and drive curiosity and independence in our children.

We believe that within the context of inclusive, authentic play our children learn best when provided with boundless opportunities to develop skills in lifelong learning. We see children as active participants in their own learning and believe in providing a purposeful environment for our children to enjoy their learning as they explore, discover, create and investigate.

We believe in growing a tight community of reflective learners and embedding a sense of belonging within our Wanniassa School community. We believe in cultivating an environment that values our diversity and encourages an organic connection to Country and the world around us.

Our children are citizens of the world and we encourage each child to reach for the stars, celebrate their individuality,  use their voice and have a positive impact on their community.

2019 Family Voice

Our children are happy, caring, creative and inquisitive learners. They are social learners and are explorers of our built and natural environments. They come to preschool to develop independence, confidence, problem solving skills and a lifelong love of learning. As members of our community our children will engage with activities in our local environment and celebrate our diversity.

2019 Children’s Voice

‘We learn by doing something’.  ‘We learn by talking to people’. ‘ We learn by playing’.  ‘We learn by practising things a lot’. ‘We learn by listening to what your teacher is saying’. ‘We learn by drawing’.

Our Philosophy is a living document, developed to cater for the learning and development of each of our students, with input from children, families, staff and community.

Preschool Sessions




  • Monday 9 - 3pm
  • Tuesday 9 - 3pm
  • Wednesday 9 – 12 noon


  • Wednesday 9 – 12noon
  • Thursday 9 – 3pm
  • Friday 9 – 3pm

TurtleTurtles – Koori

  • Thursday 9 – 1:30pm
  • Friday 9 – 1:30pm