Catering to Everyone

Valuing Effort

Different levels of ability are accepted, expected and catered to.  Children come to Preschool with a variety of background experiences and each child develops at his/her own rate.  Staff work to know each child and plan to meet the needs of the individual.  Each child's achievements are recognised and valued.

Being Happy

Social and emotional development are crucial to children's learning.  Happy children learn best.  When children have friends, feel comfortable within the group and are succeeding in play situations, they are in the right frame of mind to learn effectively.

Social learning, like all other learning, takes time and practice.  Developing   positive relationships between children, staff and families provides the most effective means of promoting positive  behaviours and social interactions.  Staff employ a range of  strategies to develop positive relationships with and between children.  Family participation within the Preschool program supports the development of these relationships and helps build positive self esteem in children.

Photograph: Preschool children readingPhotograph: Preschool playground areaPhotograph: Preschool children building with blocks

Group Times

Dolphins - Monday,Tuesday 9am-3pm and Wednesday 9-12pm

Penguins - Wednesday 9-12pm and Thursday, Friday 9am-1pm

Turtles - Thursday and Friday 9am-1:30pm

Group Sessions

Children are involved in group work on a daily basis.  Sometimes the whole group works  together and sometimes smaller groups work best.  Small groups allow the children to have more input, both verbally and with taking turns at a game.  Group times address many skills and concepts including listening, maths, language and literacy.  Each group experience is planned with a specific skill or concept in mind.

Photograph: Preschool students matching activityPhotograph: Preschool enrolment signPhotograph: Painting of the Rainbow Serpent