The purpose of school at Wanniassa is for students to gain a well rounded education while also having friends and a social life. This is important to us in order to get a good job and to have skills for the future.

Preschool phone number: 61421855

The Preschool Program:

  • Is based on play
  • Is carefully planned and prepared
  • Covers all areas of development
  • Addresses childrens needs and interests
  • Covers the 25 Essential Learning Achievements set out in Every Chance to Learn, the Curriculum framework for ACT schools.
  • Welcomes the participation of families

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Planning for Play

The Preschool program uses play as the major teaching tool. Play is widely accepted as the childs primary source of learning. Children are intrinsically motivated to play. They are capable learners who actively explore within an environment which has been carefully planned and prepared. The Preschool program covers all areas of development; social, emotional, physical and intellectual. Childrens needs in the different developmental areas are observed and recorded and are then addressed within the program.

The Preschool program is based on the 25 Essential Learning Achievements (ELAs) contained within Every Chance to Learn, the curriculum framework for ACT schools. Teachers plan for each of the ELAs ensuring that content is pitched at a level appropriate to childrens developmental needs. You can view the weekly plan on the notice board.

Childrens interests are incorporated into the program. Children learn best when the program is relevant to their interests. This ensures high motivation to learn. The Preschool curriculum is designed to develop childrens self esteem and positive attitudes towards learning.

More information

Wanniassa Playgroup

For information regarding times and dates, please contact the preschool.

Photograph: Preschool boy readingPhotograph: Preschool playground areaPhotograph: Student using smartboard